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We created for you the first cricket powder bread in Quebec and North America

A word from CrickBread founderA sustainable food: local, accessible, healthy and eco-friendly!

We now offer you the option to easily integrate nutrients from cricket powder into your daily menu. Our delightful bread’s high content of complete protein and its intake of vitamin B12 and B6 are just some of its many benefits.

In addition, breeding crickets is highly ecological and is a future’s protein source.

Let’s save the planet deliciously.

FOUNDERFrançois-Pierre Blain

Our Mission

Our protein bread … a heartfelt creation

At Globe Protein, our mission is to provide delicious healthy bakery products that allow you to easily integrate nutrients from cricket powder into your daily menu.

Our founder, François-Pierre Blain, has been working for more than a decade in companies which are committed to do business properly and to have a positive ecological footprint. Thus, a UN report published in May 2013 is at the origin of Grillon Le Pain Crickbread.

Insect farming is also highly ecological because of its nutritional qualities and because it can replace the very environmentally harmful livestock farming of cattle, pigs and poultry.

The idea of introducing insects to everyday food and our thoughts led us to integrate it into a product that almost the entire Western population uses daily; the Bread.

Our protein bread:
a gift to life

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Cricket powder

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