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with cricket powder

Our protein bread:
a gift to life

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A bread from here for you and for the planet


We at Globe Protein are proud to introduce Crickbread, which will revolutionize the world… of bread!

Brimming with protein, it was born from the desire to create a deliciously satisfying bread as close to nature as possible.

Our artisan-style bread is locally made from the finest ingredients.

It will even fulfill 100% of your daily vitamin B12 needs. Wonderful, isn’t it?

And because cricket breeding is sustainable and truly eco-friendly, you’ll be helping to save our planet, one slice at a time.

Add CrickBread to your list and savor all the benefits of nutritious—and eco-friendly—bread!é-à-la-poudre-de-grillon-accueil.pngé-aux-grillons-avec-dautres-ingrédients-site.jpg

A really good… Canadian bread!

Nutritious and tasty

Our product, a protein bread made from wheat, cricket powder, broad beans flour and yellow peas, is home-style prepared with care from high quality basic ingredients.

Our protein bread…
An ecological alternative

Indulge yourself!

CrickBread is a Canadian-made protein bread with quality ingredients. It was born as an eco-responsible option for beef, pork and chicken protein. One of its main ingredients, cricket powder, is a superfood with many benefits.

  • Delicious
  • Nourishing
  • eco-friendly
  • Proudly Canadian
A protein bread to enjoy

Easy to prepare — you only have to put two slices in the toaster then put the garnish of your choice and that’s it—CrickBread will become a tasty source of protein in a vegetarian sandwich.

The texture of our bread, which grills wonderfully, is rather firm as of fresh bread carefully crafted with simple and quality ingredients. Ingredients without artificial inputs that you, our dear customer, will easily recognize, because at Globe Protein, we are committed to offer you a product as close as possible to the nature.

The delicious wheat taste of our protein bread is the result of a craft-style recipe, meticulously created with inspiration to please our customers.

Taste it and make it yours!

The first cricket powder bread in North America

An excellent source of protein, each serving of CrickBread brings the recommended daily dose of vitamin B12. Our bread also provides polyunsaturates (1 g), omega-6 (1 g), omega-3 (0.1 g) and monounsaturates (0.5 g), it is a source of fiber and has, in addition, a low-sodium content, saturated fats and carbohydrates. And as if that were not enough, it doesn’t have trans-fat.

By having a significant protein intake, 7 g over 50 g (2 slices), superior to the most consumed breads in Canada, a single portion will satisfy you. The main source of protein in our bread comes from crickets (roasted and then ground) which are a source of complete protein, which means they provide the essential amino acids; those which the body cannot produce. Proteins are necessary for cell renewal, especially for skin, muscle and bone tissue.

Cricket powder is also appreciated thanks to its intake of vitamins, calcium and iron as well as omega-6 and omega-3, contributing to the proper functioning of the brain, cardiovascular and hormonal systems among others.

With a very high content of vitamin B12, CrickBread provides 100% of the daily value recommended by Health Canada (2.4 μg), which is essential, among other things, for proper neurological and cognitive operation and to keep energy levels in the body.

Because of its various ingredients such as cricket powder and legumes—flour and yellow pea flour—CrickBread is a source of fiber, which is important for the proper functioning of the intestinal transit and health in general. It is also full of vitamins and minerals.

In the end, we, the people of Globe Protein, have designed a delicious product … to your health!

The best alternative to traditional animal protein sources

The cricket is the star ingredient in our protein bread. We chose it not only because of its health benefits, but also because of its environmental ones.

Compared to the production of animal protein, cricket protein requires much less water, food and space. Cricket farming also produces fewer greenhouse gases, one of the main sources of global warming.

To give an example of the advantage of cricket protein production against other animal proteins, according to the 2013 FAO report on edible insects, for every kilogram of living animal body weight the amount of following food is required: 2.5 kg for chicken, 5 kg for pork and 10 kg for beef, while 1.7 kg would be more than enough for the cricket.

In addition, 80% of the cricket is edible compared to 55% for chicken and pork and 40% for livestock. This means that when it comes to converting food into meat, cricket is two times more effective than chicken, four times more than pork and 12 times more than livestock.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has for many years been promoting entomophagy—insect consumption by humans—to protect the environment while ensuring to the food security of the population.

From there our invitation to save with us the planet … one slice at a time!

An exceptional bakery product, proudly made in Canada

CrickBread is made in the Region of Montreal. We prepare our protein bread with quality raw materials. Our broad bean and yellow peas flour come from Quebec mills. We also use cricket powder and wheat from our homeland.

In this way, we support the local economy while having a global impact.

RECIPESIdeas to savor our protein bread

Toast with raspberry jam

Ingredients: 1 tasty CrickBread slice, sweet raspberry jam, fresh or frozen raspberries and that’s it!


Sandwich hummus salad and blueberries

Ingredients: 2 CrickBread slices, 4 tablespoons of hummus, cucumber, curly salad, carrots and blueberries.


Delicious sunflower butter toast

Ingredients: 2 awesome CrickBread slices, 4 delicious tablespoons of crunchy sunflower butter.


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