Protein burger bun made with wheat, cricket and legumes

Try our CrickBread burger bun to easily incorporate the cricket powder benefits in your plate.
A high protein burger bread
A high protein burger bread
To please you!

The burger version of our protein bread is soft and tasty, the touch of oatmeal gives it a certain sweetness, and it satisfies for hours. Find 100% of your daily vitamin B12 needs in a single serving of our burger bun made with wheat, legumes and cricket powder.
Made with simple and quality ingredients
Made with simple and quality ingredients

Unbleached white wheat flour, fava bean flour, yellow pea flour, gluten, cricket powder, sugar, oatmeal, vegetable oil, vinegar, yeast, sea salt, ascorbic acid (dough conditioner), enzymes.

May contain nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.

Warning: People allergic to shellfish and seafood may have an allergic reaction to crickets.

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Our product details

A good bread for you
A source of protein, among others, thanks to the content of legumes and, especially, to the cricket powder. Our burger bun is ideal for athletes or anyone looking for a protein diet.
A source of fibre due to cricket powder, oats, fava bean flour and yellow pea flour. A delicious and healthy bread!
Its very high vitamin B12 content will allow you to reach 100% of the daily value recommended by Health Canada with only one serving of our burger bread.
Its low-fat content and the absence of trans fat make CrickBread the perfect food to enjoy a balanced nutrition.